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Inpatient Stabilization


Stabilizing help in a time of mental health crisis

UT Health Behavioral Health Center provides short-term inpatient stabilization services to help individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis, who meet certain mandated criteria or who may pose a risk for causing harm. A doctor’s order is required for admission and a set of legal protocols must be followed to protect the patient’s rights.

During inpatient stabilization, patients receive immediate psychiatric help with research-based therapies. Within an environment that is safe, confidential, therapeutic and sensitive to the needs of the individual, the process of healing begins.

Goals of the program

The immediate goal of our multidisciplinary team is to stabilize the client, make an initial diagnosis and direct him or her toward an appropriate program of therapy and care. This may include psychotropic medications, therapeutic counseling strategies or a customized course of treatment developed for the specific patient.

During inpatient stabilization the client will see the psychiatrist once a day for medication management. Our ultimate goal is to steer the client to outpatient treatment to prepare for return to daily life with family and friends. Inpatient stabilization is meant to be a short-term solution.

Typical process of inpatient stabilization

Typically the path of the inpatient follows this progression:

  • stabilize the crisis
  • assessment and diagnosis
  • detoxification if necessary
  • medication management
  • individual or group therapy as appropriate
  • plan the next steps of treatment, recovery and returning home

About mental illness

Perhaps because of lingering stigmas about mental health, it often can be difficult for family members to realize that inpatient stabilization is usually not an end to a troubling situation but more often the beginning of a lasting solution. Mental illness does not need to be disabling, immobilizing or even a permanent condition.

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