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Ropes Course

Changing Courses team-building program helps wide range of groups

Changing Courses is an experiential ropes course – which means participants learn by working and doing things together – offered by UT Health Behavioral Health. It’s a uniquely fun and effective way to motivate a group, promote teamwork and cohesion, enhance learning, develop trust and improve communication and problem-solving skills.

Participants in this award-winning program enjoy a series of outdoor ropes courses that are safe, innovative and invigorating. The courses use poles, ropes, pulleys, walls and platforms to present groups of participants with activities that will challenge them physically and emotionally.

Groups and organizations that benefit from Changing Courses

  • Youth groups (in schools, churches, scouts, sports or clubs)
  • Sports teams of all ages
  • Community organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Business groups and corporate teams
  • Summer camps
  • School systems (students, teachers and leadership groups)
  • Groups gathered for in-services, conferences and workshops

Fun activities with an important purpose – building team spirit

Trained facilitators and therapists lead the ropes courses in a safe and supervised environment. They make sure participants benefit from the team-building lessons they learn in these challenging yet fun activities.

Participants have the opportunity to work with their groups to overcome obstacles and achieve a common goal. We assist them in expressing feelings and insights before, during and after the experience. We see them gain confidence as individuals and as members of a team.

By going through their team-building adventure together, participants build trust and support, learn risk-taking strategies and develop problem-solving skills. Their newfound confidence builds team spirit and helps them overcome the fears that can interfere with healthy communication.

Can be tailored to meet the group’s unique needs

The Changing Courses program can be designed to meet the needs and objectives of your group.

We offer full- and half-day ropes challenge course experiences at UT Health Behavioral Health. We have an outdoor ropes course set up in an attractive wooded area on our grounds off Loop 323 on University Boulevard (Spur 248), across from University of Texas at Tyler. Also, if you prefer, we can come to your location and set up a program there.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance the motivation, communication and team spirit of the groups you depend on to help you meet the goals of your organization.

Contact information

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